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We’ve taken the latest superfood and clean eating crazes, and ignored them all. Sano is based on nutritional science rather than fad & fiction.


We founded Sano to bring nutritional science to the table

"In recent years, what is “healthy” and what makes us “well” has become more confusing than ever. Diets have had us eating blindfolded, doing shots of oxygen, dining on baby food and only consuming ingredients that are raw, liquid, or the colour purple. There have been so many contradicting views on what is good for us that even reaching for an apple can feel like a cardinal sin.

As nutrition experts, we wanted to add a bit of knowledge and truth to the situation. A bit of science, that lets you make the right decisions about eating without relying on the latest fad. We think that everyone should be able to enjoy food as something that energises, heals and tastes amazing, rather than fear food as something full of harmful tricks and traps."

Our brands

Sano To Go

Sano to Go provides freshly made, great tasting, nutritionally balanced food for when you are at home, in the office, or on the go.

With more restaurants than ever claiming a healthy menu, we want to bring nutritional science to the high street and redefine “healthy eating” in London. Our breakfast and lunch dishes are developed by professional chefs and nutrition experts.

Sano School of Culinary Medicine

The Sano School of Culinary Medicine povides comprehensive education in evidence-based nutritional science including an online Diploma in Applied Nutrition, developed by Dale Pinnock. Using nutritional science, the diploma empowers students with the knowledge and tools to make healthier food choices and develop recipes and meal plans to support their overall health.

Additional courses will be launched in 2018

Sano Wellness

Sano Wellness is our complete offering in food, nutrition and wellbeing services and will be launched for trial with select corporates in 2019. It includes dedicated wellness services to corporates as well as exclusive offerings from Sano To Go and Sano School of Culinary Medicine.

The team

Doug Richards

Co-founder & CEO

Heather Richards

Co-founder & MD

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